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Web Research/Tele Research Services

H and G Innovations provide web research solutions and services which will be Innovative, fruitful, effective and result oriented. Our extensive knowledge of statistics, web research procedures, and statistical software knowledge for data manipulation with our experience in many industries makes us the first and best selection for your web research needs.

Providing high quality and accurate research data have been H and G Innovation's specialty. We have a powerful and knowledgeable management team which can organize and access data on any topic of your choice from various ranges of documents.

H and G Innovations have a strong technical research team with excellent knowledge, and they can work effectively to satisfy our clients. Our team of experienced data miners is always ready to help you with your findings such as company details, email research, telephone research, internet research, designation research and reporting.

We offer premium web research services scattered as following.

  • Collecting data from web and building a database in excel.
  • Capturing accurate information and data from competitor's website.
  • Searching websites and collecting information from these websites.
  • Gathering data from websites to excel spreadsheets
  • Information collection from websites
  • Extracting and summarizing news stories from online news sources
  • Online synchronization for different databases
  • Mining process for different website's products, prices and descriptions etc.

Tele Research Services

We use various Tele research techniques with basic analytics of your primary Customers, Industries, Stakeholders, Competitors, Suppliers, and Partners coupled with strong research technologies to provide you with reliable and effective output.

We collect data based on your brief via telephonic interviews. We will help you with sampling, questionnaire design, data processing and data deliverables.

We provide fast and affordable service for your projects. Get Quote!